The Story Behind WeClock

We set out to ask how we can use new, emerging technology to strengthen the voice of workers. WeClock aims to do just that. It offers a privacy-preserving way to empower workers and unions in their battle for decent work.


We aim to firmly put worker wellbeing back on the agenda.

We, the workers and unions, need to respect and uphold privacy rights and human dignity while telling our stories. If we don’t, we let companies define work according to their industry definitions.

WeClock gives an indication of the present and changing natu­re of work: the presence or abse­nce of decent or fair work, work­ing conditions, or work/life bala­nce. Built with workers in mi­nd, WeClock empowers change.

The Team

Behind this work is a dedicated team of activists: UNI Global Union’s Young Workers’ Lab together with Guardian Project and Okthanks.

Researchers from Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, world-leading digital experts and trade union organisers from across the world have supported and advised us along the way.

Free & Open

WeClock is a free and open source project. The code is available for community use and contribution at

See the Code