Who Sees My Data?

Unless you choose to share your data with someone, you will be the only person who sees it. All data collected by WeClock is kept locally on your device. If you choose to share it, then you consciously choose who it is shared with and thus, who sees it.

WeClock, unlike most other apps, is designed for you to not only visually see the results of what it is collected, but also to have access to that data in a way that makes it easy to share. If you want to pool your data together with your colleagues or with your union, then you can choose to forward your data with the click of a button. Until then, it’s generated on your phone and never goes anywhere else (i.e. no third-party trackers, no cloud component).

Do You See My Data?

No. UNI Global Union and the Guardian Project do not have access to that information, nor would we ask for it. The data sets are entirely yours to consider and use.

How Do I share My Data?

Click on the type of measure you’d like to share data from (ex. Daily Movement or Work App Usage). Click “Data” in the top right hand corner of the screen and then “Share All” to send using the medium of your choice.

How Do I Delete My Data?

Deleting data is easy! You’ll see a menu in the top right hand corner of the main screen (⋮). Click “All Data.” In the top right hand corner of that screen, you’ll find another menu (⋮) with “Delete All Data.” This action is highly recommended after you are finished using the WeClock app.

Is WeClock Hard to Use?

No it’s easy! Set it up once and leave it. Give it a try and you will see that the app does all of the heavy lifting for you.

WeClock doesn’t seem to be logging my whereabouts.

For WeClock to function, you need to ensure it has the right permissions. Enable location. Make sure your location permission is set to "Allow all the time". If you only allow location when you are using the app, it will not log your whereabouts accurately. In addition, in your app settings, check "Enable High-Res Location". Last, set your "Geo Resolution Display" to 100.

Why did you build WeClock?

We live in a world where the landscape of work is changing. We live in an age of inequality. Many things are needed to correct current power asymmetries. One of them is to ensure that those who generate data have access to what they’ve made. WeClock provides that access. Another reason is to provide the user (worker) a way to use data in a way that provides them the opportunity to advocate for change in the workplace. A way for solutions to be data-driven, insightful, and owned by those who are the most affected by the shifting landscape of work.

How do I get the most accurate location?

The best thing to do to get an accurate reading is to turn on all requested permissions and make sure you have any system level battery saving mechanisms turned off. Dense urban locations can interrupt sensors in unpredictable ways but every location is different so it’s worth seeing if things clear up if you take the same recording two days in a row. Please feel free to reach out to us if you see where a change is needed.

What if I use apps for work and personal?

This is something we hear from a number of users. Unfortunately there is no clear way around this other than separating, say your emails, into two apps. This separation is relatively easy with email and calendar apps because there are many options available. It is harder with other apps that do not offer a substitute.

What if there’s a blip in the data?

This is natural and to be expected. If you’re working on a study with a data scientist, they can judge what to do when those blips occur. If the data is just for you to see and visualize, we ask you to bear with us as we improve the service and to take any inaccurate readings with a grain of salt. Phone sensors are not perfect so there will be imprecisions here and there.

What if something breaks? Or isn’t working?

Please let us know and we will try to fix it. You could reinstall the app or, if you don’t mind losing your existing WeClock data, delete it and start over.

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